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The Passengers of the Mary and John 1630 Available in Volumes
West Country England and Mary and John 1630 Books available for purchaseIn 1985, contact was made between two men in Connecticut, Don Berquist and Jim Bolles, who organized the Family Society Tours. They were planning a Mary & John tour in May of 1985 that would take Mary and John descendants and ancestors to West Country cities in England and New England. When they heard of the Mary & John studies by Burton Spear of the Mary and John Clearing House, they asked that a small, paperback volume be written to distribute to the 80 descendants and ancestors of the Mary and John 1630 who were to accompany the tour. And so the first of The Mary & John Clearing House volumes would be published.

Since then, Burton Spear and The Mary and John Clearing House staff has combed through numerous secondary sources in New England and many record offices in England, to compile the passenger lists of the Mary and John 1630 voyage. The following list describes the volumes that are still in print. Nine volumes have been taken out of print because they have been outdated by later volumes. Click each volume for a full description of its contents. English ancestors and descendants of English families that sailed during the 17th century will find valuable information in the Mary and John book series. Although the focus of the Mary and John Clearing House began searching for the passengers of the Mary and John 1630, later volumes began to include other English ancestors and descendants who sailed on other ships from England to New England, primarily from the West Country of England.

NOTE: VOLUMES 1, 3, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21 & Dorchester Group are out of print.

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