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This is the most comprehensive book ever published on the English ancestry of BYGOD EGGLESTON (1586-1674) of Windsor, CT. Research conducted in the towns of Settrington & Norwich, where Bygod Eggleston lived. New records never before published. Contains many photos and maps, and the first four generations on Bygod Eggleston's descendants. James Eggleston's will. Softbound, 137 pages. 1991. Written by Dr. Rosalie Eggleston and Linda (Eggleston) McBroom.

An expert in population studies has estimated that Bygod Eggleston was the progenitor of no less than twelve million American-born descendants. This number is even more astonishing when you know that he was 44 years old in 1630 when he went to the New England colonies. Bygod Eggleston was often spelled Bigod Eggleston. Bigod Eggleston took with him two, and possibly three, English-born children. Bygod Eggleton's first American child was Thomas Eggleston, born in 1638. Bigod Eggleston's youngest child was Benjamin Eggleston, born in 1653 when Bigod was 67 years old. By then, Bygod Eggleston had fathered eleven children, the first of whom died knew best. Both Dr. Rosalie Eggleston and Linda (Eggleston) McBroom believed that tracing one's ancestors should involve much more than gathering names and dates. Serious genealogists should try to find out how their ancestors lived, what they wore, how their houses were built, what kind of hearths they had to cook with and what kind of food they ate. This study, therefore, contains some social history.

Some writers in the past have published erroneous theories about Bygod Eggleston which unfortunately have passed into other publications as fact. It is the purpose of this book to lay out the facts as the authors know them, to disprove some of the erroneous conjectures and to suggest areas of research which other Egglestons may wish to take up. Hopefully, this will encourage a more scholarly approach to the Eggleston family history as an infant in Norwich, England.

In this study of Bygod Eggleston, the authors have attempted to place him in the milieu of 16th and 17th century Yorkshire, Norwich, England and New England.

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