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Our Analysis of Possible Passengers of 1630

A passenger list for the Mary and John 1630 has never been discovered. Passenger lists for 17th century ships sailing from England to New England can sometimes be difficult to locate. Some passenger lists are never found. If your looking for a passenger list of your English ancestors who came from England to New England between 1620-1643, you may find your English passenger list on this web site, especially if the passenger list you are looking for includes passengers who sailed from the West Country of England to New England you may find it in our Volume 20 of the Search for the Passengers of the Mary and John 1630 series.

The staff of the Mary & John Clearing House has been searching for the passengers of the Mary and John for nearly two decades. After many errors were found in the "synthetic" lists of passengers aboard the Mary and John by authors Charles E. Banks (1930) and Maude Pinney Kuhns (1943), we hastily published a revised list for our volume - one in the Search Series in 1985, in preparation for the first Mary and John tour to England in May of 1985. In 1990, after collecting more information, we published a second list of passengers. In 1993, as more materials were discovered, we have come to the conclusion that it is presumptuous to any list with any degree of accuracy greater than 50 to 70 percent.

However, we have attempted to compile a new list of possible passengers and then rate them as follows:

  • Our "A" List - Certain or highly probable passengers on the Mary and John 1630
  • Our "B" List - Probable passengers aboard the ship, Mary and John 1630
  • Our "C" List - Possible passengers aboard the Mary and John 1630

We will continue to search for new material that sheds light on who was probably aboard in 1630. We will continue to search wills and parish registers in the West Country to seek people from the areas around the Dorset towns of Dorchester, Bridport, Crewkerne, Somerset and Exeter, Devon where most of the passengers appear to have originated.

Mary and John Criteria for Identifying Possible Passengers

  • Passengers were listed in Roger Clapp's memoirs and appear to have come in 1630. Some of the people he named came later.
  • Passengers first appeared in New England in 1630, such as applying for freemanship on 19 Oct. 1630 or appearing on a jury, etc., however, only a small percentage of the 1630 population can be found on such lists.
  • Passengers appeared first in New England in Dorchester, MA.
  • They came from either the English counties of Dorset, Somerset, Devon or maybe Wiltshire, particularly from the areas in and around Dorchester and Bridport, Dorset, Crewkerne and Taunton, Somerset or Exeter, Devon.
  • Passengers moved to Windsor, CT between 1635 and 1640, as supposedly two-thirds of the passengers did.
  • Passengers appeared in Windsor, as single adults, and married there between 1635 to 1642. They may have come as servants or relatives of the other families and were too young to be found in the records until they came of age. Possibly 20 to 25 percent of all the passengers (28-35) may have come as servants or young relatives.
  • There may have been 10 to 30 passengers aboard who either died or returned to England before they left any traces in New England. If this is true, then we can only hope to identify from 110 to 130 people at most, of the 140 passengers.

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