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Search For The Passengers of the Mary and John 1630, Volume 25: New Ancestral Discoveries - Part 1

This volume is one of the most important works on English origins to appear in recent years. Burton Spear has long been interested in the passengers of the Mary and John. Which brought the first settlers to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630.

With Volume 25, Burton Spear engaged the services of Robin Bush, former Assistant Archivist of the Somerset County Record Office, to search primary sources for The West Country emigrants.

The new research by Robin Bush is of the first importance and makes this volume essential for anyone interested in the families covered in it or in the New England towns where they settled.

We owe Burton Spear a considerable debt for making so much new material available, and we wait eagerly the second part of these discoveries.

David L. Greene
Book Review in The American Genealogist
Jan. 1997. Vol. 72, No. 1

Your Mary and John, Volume 26, arrived in the mail a few days ago. I thought I should write and commend you. You are printing and distributing valuable information.

Thank you for your help.

Myrtle S. Hyde
Ogden, UT

(A regular contributor to The American Genealogist & The New England Register)

Thank you for all the interesting books on so many of the earlier settlers of Massachusetts.

George May
Fair Oaks, CA
(Author of “A Robertson Family”)

Thank you for sending me Volume 17 of the West Country Ancestries. It is excellent!

Margaret Anne Schmidt
Chicago, IL
(Ancestress of the families Spencer, Harris, Searle, French and others)

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