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Mary & John VHS Videos of the 1988 Tour to England

A. "MARY & JOHN II Tour To England"
(60 minutes) DVD $24.50 plus postage
VHS Videotapes will continue to be offered for purchase until existing stock is sold.

For those descendants of the passengers of the Mary and John of 1630 who have not yet visited England here is an opportunity to visit the hometowns and churches of their English ancestors. In May 1988, seventy descendants spent two weeks walking through the towns in Southwest England where their English ancestors lived over 358 years earlier. Tour members walked through Hole House, the alleged home of Thomas Holcomb; Gaulden Manor, where Henry Wolcott supposedly lived; placed a stitch in the New World Tapestry; sailed into Plymouth Harbor England where the Mary and John and the Mayflower departed. These English Ancestors walked the very beach in Dorchester, Massachusetts where it is believed the passengers finally landed upon their arrival in New England.

This tour of England begins in London visiting Westminister Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards, Tower of London, the Crown Jewels, Piccadily Circus, a boat ride on the Thames. From London the group worked their way west through, Tewkesbury, Gloucesterhire, the home of the Phelps family, visited Tewkesbury Abbey where immigant William Phelps was baptized in 1599, Glastonbury Abbey, Gaulden Manor, Tolland, Yeovil, Taunton, Fitzhead, and Lyme Regis where they were greeted by the Town Crier dressed in his full regalia. The English ancestors visited Fitzhead, Somerset, home of the Rockwell family.

At St. Sidwells Church in Exeter, Devon, where Reverend John Warham served before he sailed aboard the Mary and John to New England, the school children greeted the English Ancestors with a school play that told the story of the sailing of The Mary and John. This was a very moving performance for everyone!

After leaving England, The Mary and John Tour To England video tape captures visits back in New England in the United States. The First Church of Windsor, tomb of Henry Wolcott, First Church of Dorchester, Minister's Hour Glass that sailed aboard the Mary and John, The Walter Fyler House, The Windsor Historical Society, and many other locations.

This 60 minute videotape was produced by a professional video production crew led by award-winning video producer Craig Spear, son of author Burton W. Spear. They accompanied tour members in England and New England.

This video visits many of the hometowns of the passengers of the ship, The Mary and John of 1630, including the hometowns of:

  • Aaron Cook - hometown of Bridport
  • Roger Clapp - passenger on The Mary and John 1630
  • Nicholas Denslow - hometown of Bridport
  • John Strong
  • John Gallop - hometown of Bridport
  • William Gaylord - hometown of Crewkerne
  • Giles Gibbs
  • Thomas Holcomb
  • William Hill
  • Thomas Ford - hometown of Bridport
  • George Hull - hometown of Crewkerne
  • George Phelps - Town of Tewkesbury
  • William Phelps- Town of Tewkesbury
  • Humphrey Pinney - hometown of Broadway
  • William Rockwell
  • John Strong - Chard
  • Nicholas Upsall
  • Reverand John Warham - pastor of St. Sidwell's Church, Exeter, Devon
  • Henry Way - hometown of Bridport
  • Henry Wolcott - Gaulden Manor, Tolland believed to be Henry Wolcott's home

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(48 minutes) DVD $24.50 plus postage
VHS Videotapes will continue to be offered for purchase until existing stock is sold.

An exceptional school pageant was staged by the children of St. Sidwell's Church, especially for the 1988 Mary and John Tour. St. Sidwell Church, in Exeter, Devon, was the last church where Rev. John Warham preached in 1630 before leaving the West Country of England aboard the ship, Mary and John 1630.

The Mary and John Clearing House videotaped and edited this magnificent performance into a 48 minute video tape program that really is a treat to watch for individuals, English ancestors, English descendants or others at a genealogy meeting or reunion.

Dozens of school children dressed up in Pilgrim and Puritan costumes and hats, including one boy as Roger Clapp and another as Reverend John Warham, who were passengers aboard the Mary and John that sailed to New England in 1630 during the Great Migration. On stage were a sketch of a Boeing 747 airplane and a cardboard mockup of a ship, The Mary and John.

The children of St. Sidwell's Church, Exeter, Devon, reenacted the story of the sailing of the Mary and John 1630. For many of the Descendants and ancestors of the passengers of the Mary and John 1630, this was an emotional, entertaining and moving experience. In the last act, some of the children came out dressed in sport shirts, shorts and sunglasses, with cameras around their necks!, dancing in a carefree manner as a narrator described the return of the Mary and John passengers on a 747 jet to St. Sidwell's church.


Dear Burton Spear,

"I wanted to tell you what a superb job you and your son, Craig Spear did on the video of the children of St. Sidwell's church in Exeter, Devon. We showed the video at a meeting of the Descendants of The Founders of Ancient Windsor, Windsor Connecticut and the reaction of the people was incredible! Almost like being in Exeter all over again!

I was unprepared for the reaction that I and everyone else had during the performance of the video. When it was over, there was barely a dry eye in the room. Thanks for making this incredible experience possible for us all!"

Donna Holt Siemiatkoski

Assistant Tour Director 1988

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