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VOLUME 20 Vols. 2-10 Vols. 17-19, 22 Vol. 20 Vol. 24 Vol. 25 Vol. 26 Vol. 27


Passenger lists for English ancestors can sometimes be difficult to find. Many of the West Country passenger lists found in Volume 20 were from 17th century ships that sailed from English ports such as Southampton, Dartmouth, Plymouth, Weymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable among other ports. Many of these English ships sailed to Massachusetts, Maine and other ports in New England. Before 1635, a lot of English settlers and English passengers sailed from Devon and Weymouth often stopping in Plymouth, England to board other families before sailing to New England. After 1634 English ancestors and English families sailed out of Bristol because Bristol was closer to a larger population of the midlands of England. 1620 to1643 was the period often called the period of The Great Migration.

West Country Ships and Passengers, 1620-1643 is the result of an attempt to identify all the ships that sailed from the West Country ports between 1620 and 1643 and the passengers who were aboard. Sometimes only the household heads were listed but we have tried to add the other members of the family who were probably aboard, such as wives and children who were alive at the time. Also included are articles of life aboard these 17th century ships, complete with maps, sketches and photos.

  • Ships from the West Country ports in The Planters Of the Commonwealth.
  • Ships from the West Country listed in NGSQ Volume 71.
  • Passenger lists of early ships to Maine.
  • Passenger Lists:
  • Zouch Phenix-1624
  • Abigail-1628
  • Lyon's Whelp-1629
  • Lyon-1630
  • Charles-1632
  • Unnamed ship from Weymouth, Dorset-1633
  • Recovery of London-1634
  • Unnamed ship from Weymouth, Dorset-1635
  • Hopewell
  • Unnamed ship from Dartmouth, Devon—1635
  • Marygould-1635
  • Speedwell-1637
  • Unnamed consort of the Speedwell-1637
  • Charles & Hoewell-1630
  • New analysis of possible Mary & John passengers of 1630
  • Synthetic Mary & John passenger list by Charles E. Banks-1930
  • Synthetic Mary & John passenger list by Maude Pinney Kuhns-1943
  • Possible Mary & John passengers of 1630
  • Proposed Mary & John passengers-1630
  • Certain or highly probable passengers
  • Probable Passengers
  • Highly Improbable Passengers
  • Alleged but very highly improbable Passengers
  • Passengers of the Mary & John of 1634


  • Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the 1620-1643 era
  • Why did they come? Life at sea
  • Recruiting the "planters" Food
  • Dangers in crossing Water
  • Ship design Sickness
  • Sea routes to America The death toll
  • Costs of passages
  • The Mayflower crossing 1620
  • The Winthrop's Journal - The 1630 crossing of the Winthrop Fleet
  • Provisions carried in the Mary & John in 1630
  • The building of the full-scale replica of the Mayflower, 1955-1957
  • Atlantic crossing in 1945 and 1975
  • List of Massachusetts and Plymouth Freeman, 1630-1643 - Alphabetized.
  • List of Massachusetts and Plymouth Freeman, 1630-1643 - Chronological

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