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VOLUME 24 Vols. 2-10 Vols. 17-19, 22 Vol. 20 Vol. 24 Vol. 25 Vol. 26 Vol. 27


VOLUME 24 - EXCERPTS FROM VOLUMES 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, & 21
From 1988 to 1994, the Mary & John Clearing House published twelve volumes on the Mary & John passengers of 1630 plus other early West Country families. Four of these volumes, numbers 17, 18, 19, & 22, contain extensive English ancestries. Seven of the other volumes, numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 21, were historical and geographical. They were filled with photographs, maps and sketches from England and New England. They were the result of many people traveling around England and New England photographing 16th century houses and churches of our ancestors, collecting maps of the locals where they lived and, in general, searching for the history of our forefathers. Some of the material in these seven volumes has become obsolete by more recent findings. Also, it has become too costly for the Clearing House to continue to stock these volumes, so they have been taken out of print. However, to preserve the best material, and over 170 photos, sketches and maps, Volume 24 has been compiled for future readers. The following are some of the highlights:

  • Blake family of Somerset. Ancestors of William Blake, Henry Wolcott, Thomas Richards and William Torrey and his brothers, all share this ancestry. Over Stowey, Somerset. Blake coat-of-arms, 1662. Admiral Blake museum & Calne, Wiltsire. Photos.
  • William Buell - Photo of his 17th century chest.
  • Roger Clapp's hometown, Salcombe Regis, Devon and the house he was born in (still standing-photos).
  • Jonathan Gillett's "Bear Bible" and the Old Rectory in Chaffcombe, Somerset where the Gillett brothers lived. Photos.
  • Four generations of descendants of Jeremiah Gillett, Jr.
  • Indian wampum belt given to Capt. John Gallop Jr., in 1675. Photo.
  • William Hayden, the unsung hero of the Pequot Indian War of 1637.
  • Beaminster, Dorset, home of Eltweed Pomeroy, David Wilton & Joseph Parsons and his brothers. The Pomeroy anvil has been found. Photo.
  • The William Rockwell memorial stone of 1990, in Fitzhead, Somerset. Photos.
  • Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, home of Edward Rossiter, George Fry & William Torrey and their ancestral homes. Photos.
  • A chapel owned by Walter Deane's father in 1634. Photos.
  • Upway, Dorset, home of Sprague brothers.
  • The Strong family in England 17th century). The "Strong House" renovation, built by John Strong's grandfather, c. 1600. Photos.
  • Two villages of Rev. John Warham's ancestors. Photos.
  • Walkout letters from England (1621-1660).
  • Henry Wolcott's ocean crossing in 1640.
  • The Tolland mill house that he inherited in 1639, and the real owners and occupiers of Gaulden Manor in the 16th & 17th centuries.
  • The beach on Nantucket Point, where the Mary & John landed in 1630.
  • The migration rate to New England, 1620-1640.
  • Pedigree Collapse: Every person has over 1 million direct ancestors 19 generations back, and over 68 billion have thirty-five generations back.
  • The new, 242 foot long New World Tapestry being created in England.
  • Crewkerne, Somerset, home of Rev. John Warham, George Hull, William Gaylord.
  • William Phelps, Richard Vore, John Bartole and many more.
  • Highlights of the first Mary & John and West Country Conference, in Windsor, Conn. held in 1993.

SOFT BOUND - 207 Pages.

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