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Volume 25 contains primarily new ancestral discoveries made in 1994 and 1995 by Robin Bush, former Assistant Archivist in the Somerset County Record Office in Taunton England, who spent nearly 200 man-hours over a period of a year and a half on this work. These discoveries are the result of his searching the original records in the county record offices of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire. Also included in this volume are some discoveries of early West Country emigrants that have appeared in other recent publications.


  • Bale, Benjamin (1634-1680) of Dorchester, MA. His ancestry has been traced back to his great-great grandfather in Somerset.
  • Blake, William (1594-1663) of Dorchester, MA. There is now positive proof that his father was descended from the Blake family of Over Stowey, Somerset.
  • Brinsmeade, William (1613-1648) of Dorchester, MA. His baptism has been found and his ancestry has been traced back to his great-great grandfather. Also, over 50 Manor Roll entries have been copied between 1434-1654 concerning this Brinsmead family.
  • Eggleston, Bygod (1586-1674) of Windsor, CT. The claim that his mother was Juliana Harker has been disproved and his true mother identified.
  • French, Stephen (1600-1689) of Weymouth, MA. There is now proof that Stephen French was the brother of Judith French (wife of John Rogers) & Mary French (wife of Robert Randall, all of whom came to New England.
  • Fry, George (a. 1615 -1676) of Weymouth, MA. He came from Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset and this Fry family has now been studied in depth.
  • Gilbert, John (1580 - 1657) of Taunton, MA. He married (3) Winifred ___. There is now evidence on her identity.
  • Gillett, Jonathan (    -1677) of Windsor, CT. His and his brothers, Nathan & Jeremiah, were sons of Rev. William Gillett, rector of Chaffcombe, Somerset, 1610- 1641. Now William's marriage, in 1609, has been found and his whereabouts as early as 1599.
  • Hoyt, Simon (a. 1590-1657) of Windsor, CT. It has been claimed that he came from Dorchester & Upway, Dorset, but the baptisms of his sons, Walter (1618) & Nicholas (1620) have been found in Somerset and his father's name appears on some Manor Rolls.
  • Jones, Richard (1598-1641) of Dorchester, MA. His baptism has been found (1598), as well as his sister Elizabeth (1603), wife of Anthony Thacher. The baptism of his other sister, Dorothy, wife of Richard Sears, has not been found.
  • Meigs, Vincent (a. 1583-1658) of Guilford, CT. He had children baptized in Chardstock, Devon, but the surname of his wife was not know. Now her parents are known and she may be related to elder John Strong of Northampton, MA.
  • Procter, George (a. 1602-1661) of Dorchester, MA. He has now been found in Somerset in a Manor Roll record and his ancestry has been traced back four generations to 1470. He should not be confused with the George Procter of Salem 1692.
  • Rickard, Giles (a. 1597-1690) of Plymouth, MA. His ancestry has now been traced back to his grandfather in Somerset.
  • Rossiter, Edward (    -1630) of Dorchester, MA. The Combe family of Combe St. Nicholas has now been studied extensively and there is strong evidence on the identity of his wife. Many Manor Rolls and parish registers have been copied contain the name Combe.
  • Tinkham, Ephriam (1618-a. 1683)I of Plymouth, MA. His baptism has been found in 1618 in Devon and his ancestry has been traced to his grandfather.
  • Torrey, William (a. 1608-1690) of Weymouth, MA. He married (2) Jane Haviland. Her Haviland ancestry has been found back six generations to 1467.
  • Winter, Christopher (a. 1610-1683) of Scituate, Ma. His ancestry has been traced back three generations in Somerset. He may have had a brother, John below.
  • Winter, John (1606-1651) of Scituate, MA. See Christopher Winter, above.
  • Walcott, John (1599-1638) of Watertown, MA. His ancestry has been found back to his father and to his relationship to the Henry Wolcott line.

There were other new discoveries by Robin Bush that cannot be considered as major breakthroughs but are still important, such as finding the surname of a paternal grandmother or finding more brothers and sisters, of emigrants, etc. Also some of this material was taken from other publications, i.e. recent periodicals as The New England Register, The American Genealogist & The Great Migration, by Robert C. Anderson.


  • Adams, Henry (a. 1583-1646) of Braintree, MA. He married Edith Squire, whose paternal grandmother has now been identified.
  • Alsop, Elizabeth (1614-1669), wife of Bray Rossiter. More on the life of her father, Rev. John Alsop, has now been found.
  • Applegate, Thomas ( - ) of Weymouth, MA. There is evidence he came from Somerset by 1635.
  • Arnold, William (1587-1676) of Pawtuxet, RI. A little more on his life in England has been found.
  • Bennett, John (a. 1612-1633) of Marblehead, MA. John Peach, who came from Symondsbury, Dorset, testified that John Bennett, came with him, on the same ship, in 1630.
  • Bennett, William (a. 1604-1682) of Salem, Ma. Philip Wooton of Easr Budleigh, Devon, in his will in 1662, bequeathed to ?my daughter-in-law (step-daughter?), Jane Bennett in New England. William Bennett of Salem, MA married Jane____, a. 1637.
  • Bernard, Maskiell (1607- ) of Weymouth, MA. Much more has been found about his father, Rev. Richard Bernard, in England.
  • Billings, Roger (a. 1618-1683) of Dorchester, MA. There seems to be no basis of fact that he came from Taunton, Somerset.
  • Brinsmeade, John (    - 1763) of Charlestown, MA. There seems to be no basis of fact that he came from Bishop's Hull, Somerset, but William Brinsmeade, above, did.
  • Chubb, Thomas (1612-1688) of Beverly, MA. More has been learned about this very troubled family of Thomas Chubb, his wife and their children.
  • Cole, John (a. 1598 -    ) of Plymouth, Ma. He came from Barnstaple, Devon and now the baptism of his wife and seven of her brothers and sisters have been found.
  • Crockett, Thomas (    -    ) of York, ME. Evidence has been found that disputes his alleged baptism on 13 Jan. 1610 at Stoke Gabriel, Devon.
  • Dibble, Robert (    -    ) of Dorchester, Ma. The baptism of a "frauncisca", dau. Of Robert Dibble, 17 June 1605, St. John's Glastonbury, Somerset, has been confirmed.
  • Drake, John (    -    ) of New England. The John Drake in New England in 1630 was not the John Drake of Windsor, CT.
  • Gutch, Robert (1617-1666) of Salem, MA. His alleged baptism of 5 April 1618, Glastonbury , Somerset, has been confirmed and his father and grandfather identified.
  • Hallett, Bathsheba (a. 1615-1670) wife of Richard Bourne. There is some evidence she was a sister of Andrew Hallett, who came from Symondsbury, Dorset.
  • Holbrook, Thomas (a. 1594-1677) of Weymouth, MA. All Holbrook entries in St. John's parish registers, Glastonbury, Somerset (1603-1630) have been copied.
  • Knight, Walter (a. 1586-     ) of Boston, MA. There seems to be no basis of fact that he came from Staplegrove, Somerset.
  • Lyman, Richard JR. (1617-1662). Husband of Hepzibah Ford. She was a daughter of Thomas Ford of Dorchester, Dorset. He has a very, very extensive royal ancestry.
  • Lowell, Percival (a. 1571-1664) of Newbury, MA. All Lowell entries in Portbury, Somerset parish registers available have been copied.
  • Merwin, Miles (1624-1697) of Milford, CT. It has been claimed he came with his wife, in 1639, with his aunt Abigail Branker from Honiton, Devon. She was not his aunt and his ancestry has been traced back four generations in Buckinghamshire.
  • Paddock, Robert (     -1650) of Plymouth, MA. There seems to be no basis of fact that he came from High Ham, Somerset.
  • Phelps, William (a. 1595-1672) of Windsor, CT. A little more has been found on his life in Crewkerne, Somerset.
  • Purchase, Aquila (     -a. 1633). He married Ann Squire and the name of her paternal grandmother has now been identified.
  • Richards, Thomas (1595-1650) of Weymouth, Ma. His paternal great-grandmother has now been identified.
  • SAWTELL, RICHARD (1611-1694) of Watertown, MA. He came from Aller, Somerset and his wife, Elizabeth Pople came from High Ham, Somerset. All the Sawtell entries in the parish of Aller (1560-1653) and all of Pople entries in the parish of High Ham have now been copied.
  • SHEPPARD, JOHN (a. 1594-1650) of Braintree, MA. He married Margaret Squire, whose paternal grandmother has now been identifies.
  • STREET, REV. NICHOLAS (1603-1674) of New Haven, CT. Much more has been found on the Street family in England.
  • STRONG, JOHN (a. 1610 -1699) of Northampton, MA. More Strong parish records have been found in Chardstock, Devon and there appears to be a connection between John Strong & Vincent Meigs, above.
  • Thorne, John (     -     ) of Cambridge, MA. Richard Collicot, of Dorchester, MA. Came with his wife, Joanna Thorne, from Barnstaple, Devon. It has now been claimed she was related to this John Thorne.
  • WARHAM, REV. JOHN (1595 - 1670) of Windsor, CT. Much more has been found on the life of Rev. John Warham in England.
  • WEAVER, CLEMENT (a. 1585 - 1683) of Newport, RI. He came from Glastonbury, Somerset and all of the Weaver entries in St. John's parish there were copied (1603-1630).
  • WESTCOTT, STUKELEY (a. 1592-1677) of Providence, RI. More research on him has led Robin Bush to suspect he may have come from Devon.
  • WOLCOTT, HENRY (1578-1655) of Windsor, CT. Previously his Wolcott ancestry has been claimed back four generations but the early generations have now been renounced.
  • WOODBURY, WILLIAM (a. 1589-1677) of Beverly, MA. The claim that he came on the Abligail in 1629, with his brother, John, has now been disproved because William had a child baptized on 10 Jan. 1631/2, in Misterton, Somerset.

Softbound. 90 pages.

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