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Volume 26 contains primarily new ancestral discoveries made in 1996 & 1997 by Robin Bush, former Deputy Archivist in the Somerset County Record Office in Taunton, England. He spent nearly 200 man-hours, over a period of a year, on this work. These discoveries are the result of his searching the original records in the county record offices of Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Wiltshire. Also included in this volume are some discoveries of early West Country immigrants that have appeared in other recent publications. Finally, some of these discoveries were the result of efforts by two associates of the Mary & John Clearing House, Martha Strong of Plymouth, Michigan and Judy Osborn of St. Petersburg, Florida. Softbound. 90 pages


  • Babson, Isabell, widow, of Salem, MA. The baptism of her son, James and the burial of her husband have been found in Somerset.
  • Bettiscomb, Richard (1601-    ) of Lancaster, MA. An extensive ancestry has been found for him back six generations.
  • Bibble, John (    -1653) of Hull, MA. Much more has been found on this family in Somerset.
  • Buxton, Anthony ( 1610-1684) of Salem, MA. A new ancestry has been found back to his paternal grandfather.
  • Dodge, Richard (a. 1602-1672) of Salem, Ma. His wife has now been identified and her paternal parents and grandparents have been identified.
  • Doughty, Frances (a. 1605-    ) of Dorchester, MA. His ancestry has been traced back to his paternal grandparent.
  • Ludlow, Roger (1590- Aft. 1655) of Fairfield, CT. His marriage license in 1624 to marry Mary Cogan has been found and also the baptism of a child in 1629, in Somerset.
  • Parkman, Elias (1606-1662) of Windsor, CT. His baptism and his parent's marriage have been found.
  • Pole, William (1593-1675) of Dorchester, MA. A number of very extensive ancestral lines have been found for him.
  • Warham, Rev. John (1595-1670) of Windsor, CT. His mother's mother was Elizabeth Cogan, Dau. of Nicholas Cogan, who was also a great-grandfather of Mary Cogan, wife of Roger Ludlow, making Rev. John Warham and Mary Cogan cousins.
  • Whitcomb, John (    -1662) of Lancaster, MA. His parents have been found and also the ancestry of his mother, back to her paternal grandfather.


  • Ames, John (1610-a. 1689) & Ames, Williams (1605-1654) both of Salem, MA. It has been claimed they came from Bruton, Somerset. Now all of the parish registers for Ames, in this parish, have been printed (1555-1640).
  • Allyn, Thomas (1597-1680) of Windsor, CT. Another royal ancestry for his wife, Margaret Wyatt, has been found back nineteen generations.
  • Applegate, Thomas of Weymouth, MA. More has been found on him in Somerset.
  • Blake, William (1594-1663) of Dorchester, MA. New evidence has been found that suggests that the Blakes were in Bridgewater, Somerset in the early 1500's.
  • Branker, John (a.1601-1622) of Windsor, CT. More found on his life in England.
  • Collamore, Anthony of Scituate, MA. An ancestry back 23 generations.
  • Conant Family of East Budleigh, Devon. More found on this family in Devon.
  • Cudworth, James (1604-1682) of Scituate, Ma. His ancestry back 13 generations.
  • Deane, John (a. 1600-1660) & Deane, Walter (1612-1659) both of Taunton, MA. Many English memorial records have been found on the Deane family.
  • Denslow, Nicholas (1573-1669) of Windsor, CT. Evidence of his Dorset ancestry is presented.
  • Fry, George (a. 1615-1676) of Weymouth, MA. Much more found on this Fry family.
  • Gaylord, William (a. 1590-1673) Of Windsor, CT. Many more Gaylord records have been copied in Somerset.
  • Gibbs, Giles (a. 1595-1641) of Weymouth, MA. More Gibbs records from Somerset suggest he lived there before he moved to Devon.
  • Harris, Agnes (1604-a. 1680) wife of (1) William Spencer & (2) William Edwards. Another ancestry has been found for her, back 22 generations.
  • Holbrook, Thomas (a. 1594-1677) of Weymouth, MA. More Holbrook records copied.
  • Hull, George (a. 1590-1659) of Fairfield, CT. A memorial, in honor of him, has been installed in Fairfield, CT.
  • Lombard, Thomas (1581-1663) of Barnstable, MA. More Lombard records in Dorset & Somerset copied.
  • Loring, Thomas (1600-1661) of Hingham, MA. More Loring records copied.
  • Newberry, Thomas (1594-1635) of Dorchester, MA. He married two Dabinott women. Two more Dabinott wills found.
  • Norton, Nicholas (a. 1610-a. 1690) Of Edgartown, MA. More Norton records found.
  • Maverick, Rev. John (1578-1636) Of Dorchester, Ma. Another royal ancestry has been found for his wife, Mary Gye, back 11 generations. Also the origin of the term "maverick" is discussed.
  • Peach, John, Jr. Of Marblehead, Ma. More Peach records copied.
  • Phelps, William (a. 1595-1672) of Windsor, CT. More Phelps records copied.
  • Rawson, Edward (1615-1693) of Newbury, MA. An extensive ancestry has been found for him and a royal ancestry has been found for his wife, Rachel Perne.
  • Sprague, Ralf (1599-1650) of Charleston, MA. The 1614 will of his father has been found.
  • Stetson, Robert (1615-1703) of Scituate, MA. Many more Stetson records copied.
  • Stoughton, Thomas (1592-1661) of Windsor, CT. Stoughton, Judith (1591, wife of (1) Denman (2) William Smead, Stoughton, Ann (    -    ) wife of Henry Chamberlain & Stoughton, Isreal (1603-1645) of Dorchester, MA. Thomas Stoughton's residence was in Somerset between 1625 and 1627, and he came to New England in 1630. Since he came from the West Country in 1630 and first settled in Dorchester, MA he is a very probable passenger of the Mary & John.
  • Street, Nicholas (1603-1674) of New Haven, CT. More street records copied.
  • Strong, John (a. 1610-1699) of Northampton, MA. Princess Diane, is his descendent, which means her sons, are heirs to the Throne of Great Britain. Her line back to Elder John Strong is listed.
  • Torrey, William (1608-1690) of Weymouth, MA. A royal ancestry has been found for his second wife, Jane Haviland.
  • Treworgie, James (    -1650) of Kittery, ME. More Treworgie records copied.
  • Trowbridge, Thomas (a. 1598-1673) of New Haven, CT. An ancestry for him has been traced back 20 generations for him.
  • Westcott, Stukely (a. 1592-1677) of Providence, RI. He may be the "adolescent Stukely Westcott" found in Somerset in 1607.
  • Wolcott, Henry (1578-1655) of Windsor, CT. Extensive additional research has been done on the Wolcott & his wife's family (Elizabeth Saunders).

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