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This volume is an extension of volumes 25 & 26. The purpose of these three volumes, numbers 25, 26 and 27, is to expand upon the English ancestries of the early West Country families who came to New England between 1620 and 1643. This is the first volume printed in nearly three years.

As in volumes 25 & 26 contains, the first section of this volume is the result of nearly three years of searching the English records in the records offices in the English counties of Somerset, Dorset and Devon, by Robin Bush, former Deputy Archivist of the Somerset Record Office in Taunton, Somerset, England. He is very familiar of these early English families, many of which he has studied since 1984. These searches were made in 1998 & 1999.

The second section is in the Appendix, which contains other material that has been prepared by two close associates of the Mary & John Clearing House, Martha Strong of Plymouth, Michigan and the late Judy Osborn of St. Petersburg, Florida. Also, some of the appendix material was taken from recently published articles.

Unfortunately, since the last volume (number 26) was published in early 1997, two of our closest associates have passed on, Don Bergquist who planned and conducted many genealogical tours to England, was killed as he crossed a street in Hartford, CT in 1997, and then Judy Osborn died suddenly of cancer in 1998, soon after she led a tour to England. This volume is hereby dedicated to these two people who have contributed so much to the research of the Mary & John and West Country families since 1984.

Since the death of Burton Spear on May 26, 2002, author and founder of the Mary and John Clearing House, Volume 27 would become the last book written in the Search for the Mary and John 1630 series. Burton was working on Volume 28 and 29 but had not finished either book. Burton’s wife Carolyn and son Craig Spear had hoped to complete these books after Burton’s death, but unfortunately were unable since there was not enough material to do so properly.


  • BICKNELL, ZACHARY (1590-1636) of Weymouth, MA
    Extensive new material on the Bricknell family of Barrington, Somerset.

  • CARPENTER, ALICE (a. 1590-1671) JULIANA CARPENTER (a. 1583-1665) & PRICILLA CARPENTER (1597-1689) More information on the Carpenter family of Wrington, Somerset.

    More Clapp records from Sidmouth (Devon) parish.

  • CROSS, ROBERT ( - ) of Ipswitch, MA.
    Extensive Cross records in Somerset in search for the ancestry of Robert Cross.

  • DEANE FAMILY, JOHN, WALTER & MARGARET Ancestry of Walter's wife, Eleanor Cogan. New provisional Deane ancestry. Other Deane families in Chard, England.

  • DENSLOW, NICHOLAS (1573-1669) of Windsor, CT.
    More Denslow records in Netherbury Parrish, Dorset.

  • GALLOP, HUMPHREY ( - ) of Dorchester, MA.
    Proposed ancestry of Humphrey Gallop

  • GATCHELL, JOHN (a. 1611- ) & GATCHELL, SAMUEL ( -1697) both of Salem, MA. Extensive Gatchell records in Dorset.

  • GAYLORD, WILLIAM (a. 1591-1673) of Windsor, CT.
    More Gaylord records in Somerset.

  • GLASS, AMY (1618-    ) GLASS, HENRY (1624-    ) GLASS, JAMES (a. 1622-1652) & GLASS, ROGER (1623-1692) of Duxury, MA. More Glass records in Somerset.

  • GREENWAY, JOHN of Dorchester, MA .
    It is believed he came from Wiltshire.

  • HOLBROOK, JOHN (a. 1595-    ) of Weymouth, MA.
    More Holbrook wills found in Somerset.

  • KING, SAMUEL (a. 1619-1704) of Plymouth, MA
    More King records have been found in Taunton, Somerset.

  • MEIGS, VINCENT (    -1658) of Guilford, CT.
    The parents of his wife have now been identified.

  • NEWTON, ANTHONY (a. 1614-a. 1704) & NEWTON, JOHN (1615-    ) wife of Benedict Alvord. There is new evidence that their father, John Newton, visited America.

  • PARDEE, GEORGE (1624-1700) of New Haven, CT.
    More information on his father, Rev. Anthony Pardee

  • PATTEN, NATHANIEL (    -1672) of Dorchester, MA
    More information on the Pattens.

  • RICKARD, GILES (a. 1597-1690) of Plymouth, MA.
    More Giles Rickard in England.

  • SAMWAYS, RICHARD (1615-1650) of Windsor, CT.
    More information on the Samways of Dorset.

  • SHAPLEIGH, ALEXANDER (a. 1561-1. 1650) of Kettery, ME.
    More information on the Shapleighs of Kingswear, Devon. A Royal ancestry of Alexander Shapleigh, through the Martin Line.

  • STOWERS, NICHOLAS (a. 1594-1646) of Charlestown, MA.
    A new provisional ancestry of Nicholas Stowers in Somerset.

  • STRONG, JOHN (c. 1610-1699) of Northampton, MA.
    Many stories of his background have now been disproven. The possible ancestry of his mother. The Strong House (c. 1600) in Chardstock, England, today.

  • TREAT, RICHARD (1584-1669) of Wethersfield, CT
    Much more information on the Treat family in Somerset and a new ancestry of Richard Treat back ten generations to a Richard Trot, (c. 1250). Also, the ancestry of his wife, Alice Gaylord, back to her father, Nicholas Gaylardf, whose will was written in 1546. Also, the ancestry of her paternal grandmother has been traced back eight generations.

  • WARHAM, REV. (1595-1670) of Windsor, CT.
    More has been discovered on the life of the Rev. John Warham in England. A correction on his paternal grandmother.


Adams, Henry Ames Bunker, James Dimmock, Thomas Eames, Anthony Gyles, Edward Hopkins, Frances Hoyt, Simon Lane, William Littlejohn, George Loring, Thomas Pinney, Humphrey Sanford, Frances Squire Way, Henry Wolcott, Henry Greenway, John Meigs, Vincent Strong

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